Our educational courses

We offer a range of educational courses covering a variety of topics, all of which can be tailored to better suit your needs

Our educational courses tackle the subject of anti-social behaviour, whether that be violence, harassment, misogyny, or consent. Our courses are designed to address why we should not be heading down these paths to criminality.

We very often tell people what they should not be doing but fail to expand on the why. By describing consequences, whether it be psychological or criminal we explore how the path to criminality never ends well no matter what side or angle you look at it from.

We use lived experience and true-life testimony to bring these messages home. Our Training Director has worked in educational establishments up and down the UK including secondary schools, colleges, PRU’s \ Alternative Provision Establishments and His Majesties Young Offenders Institutes (HMYOI) along with several Violence Reduction Units and Police forces to gain first-hand experience in tackling the problems we face in society.


What would you do if you came across an emergency while you were out and about. Do you know what to do? The aim of this course is to give knowledge of basic first and what to do in an emergency. It will cover the Danger Response Airway Breathing CPR (DR ABC), cuts and stab wounds, intoxication, CPR, recovery position and most importantly shouting or getting help from a medical professional.

This course is CPD certified and contributes to 2 hours of accredited training for continuous personal development.

A workshop talking about the effects of violence, the causes to the body, stages of escalation, violence statistics in the UK, de-escalation, conflict resolution techniques, understanding our own part in a potentially violent situation and how to try and stay calm. Designed for all ages from school students to adult teachers and staff it gives an insight into what to expect and how to deal with anger and violent situations.

A workshop aimed at school age to university students explaining how to stay safe and legal around the Sexual Offences Act 2003. Describing what is meant by sexual harassment, its definitions and consequences. Describing what consent is and expelling any myths around both subjects. How we all need to sometimes look in the mirror and reflect if we are doing the right thing with or without meaning to cause offence.

With people on social media promoting unhealthy relationships, and hate crimes being focused on by authorities, this workshop looks to tackle mis-conceptions around equality, diversity and misogyny and homophobia including transphobia. Aimed at school age students through to university students it looks at tackling modern social misconceptions.

Aimed at school age to university students, it tackles the problem of violent conflict and its potentially devastating consequences. Talking through the consequences of violence and how it should be avoided by using a true story. How most violence is willingly entered into and all the warning signs have been ignored. How it is very easy to take a life, often by complete accident but still with devastating consequences for all parties concerned.

Ready to learn?

All the courses above can be tailored to a bespoke package to suit individual needs. We will sit down with you if required to discuss in detail how we can help and make sure we tick all your boxes for your specific requirements. We can assess risk assessments and make sure your policy is relevant and within the law for your establishment in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act and Employment Law. Our mission is to keep things relevant and real.