We specialise in personal safety

Giving you the confidence to do the right thing at the right time

Why Instincts?

Instincts has been created after almost 4 decades of working within various organisations, learning about how the world works. In addition to this Paul Bell (Director) has built up a vast amount of knowledge around personal safety, behavioural psychology, self defence and martial arts. We want to be able to create a life balance by providing essential training for our clients.

Our courses are bespoke to our clients needs and we will spend time to get to know our clients and be the answer to their needs. Some of our existing courses are: Empowering the Lone Worker, De-escalation, Personal safety, Real Self defence across a wide range of groups including ladies, mens, childrens, people with physical restrictions and weapons. Course creation is our focus to enable our clients to achieve the maximum from the training.


Our courses

Our offer is unique and we will spend time to evaluate your needs and create a course to best suit your needs.

Professional instructors

You will receive training from our highly qualified instructors who have years of working within various organisations.

Comprehensive courses

Our courses cover not just self defense but policy, risk assessments, details around UK law, weapons defence training, and more.

Tailored to you

Pick from one of our existing courses or get in touch and we can ensure that the training delivered perfectly fits your requirements.

Want to know more?

If you want more information, need something more bespoke, or are looking to chat then we can help you.